be 4 giving is a play on words. it's a name that inspires creativity and invites you to remember that each of us sees and reads things in our own unique way. it's about being a HIGHER LEVEL company, on numerous levels...


#1: be for giving

as in be about giving - of yourself, your time, your gifts, and to those in need.

#2: before giving

before giving to others, you give to yourself. it's important to make sure you're taken care of and whole - in whatever realm you choose to give to others: emotionally, spiritually, physically & financially. as they say on the plane, put YOUR oxygen mask on first, and then help others around you in need....if the FAA gets it, you should too!

#3: be forgiving

be forgiving of yourself, of others, of the past, and even when you've eaten a few too many b4g goods!

#4: how did you read it?!

what showed up for you when you saw the name? now take the way you read it, expand on it, and share it with us!


b4g uses higher level ingredients. all ingredients are primarily organic. everything is scratch made with custom created recipes. some recipes are protein packed and even flourless or nut-based (hearty), others are classic treats (sweets) made using higher quality ingredients that you find almost everywhere else.

b4g donates 4% of sales to local charities. we work with 4 charities a year (so 1 each quarter) to donate those proceeds, spread the word about their cause, fundraise with them to offer greater percentage donations, etc.

b4g uses recycled packaging materials and strives to even see that they're made in the good ol' USA.